Characterization of Interaction of Surface Water and Groundwater in the El Paso Lower Valley of Texas
El Paso is located in the Chihuahua desert and prone to long periods of extreme drought. With the river drought, regional irrigation districts only received 34% and 38%of a full water...

Groundwater Treatment: Chemical Catalyst Readily Destroys Perchlorate

Predicting Losses of Phosphorus in the Humid Tropics Using a Modified Version of GLEAMS

Hydrochemical Modeling of Water Quality in a Ground and Surface Water System within a Semi-Urban Watershed

It's a Bug's Life � Enhanced In-Situ Bioremediation of Chlorinated Solvents in Groundwater

NewsBriefs: Site Assessors to Meet New Standards (National Groundwater Association)

NewsBriefs: Nanoparticles May Treat Groundwater (Lehigh University)

Water Resources: Arizona Cities Move Forward with Groundwater Recharge Plan

Liquid Assets
Educational Facilities and the fountains of a new plaza are making good use of water from a system that is remediating contaminated groundwater in Wichita, Kansas....

Integrated Water Management for the 21st Century: Problems and Solutions
Most of the projected global population increases will take place in third world countries that already suffer from water, food, and health problems. Increasingly, the various water uses...

Impact of Ground Water Management on the Hydropattern of Wetlands
In this paper, we examine the effect of altering the pumping rates of a large municipal well field, on the hydropattern of the near by PENSUCO wetland. A flow model developed earlier using...

Practical Groundwater and Conjunctive Water Optimization
The Simulation/Optimization MOdeling System (SOMOS) makes it easy to do groundwater optimization modeling for a variety of scales and situations. The SOMOA module uses analytical equations,...

Bayesian Approach to Support Design of a Groundwater Long Term Monitoring Plan
This paper discusses a retrospective data assimilation approach that allows one to examine the spatial and temporal differences between forecast and observed states. Their stability, or...

Technology: Remediation Technique Holds Promise for Groundwater Cleanups

Book Review: Water Follies: Groundwater Pumping and the Fate of America's Fresh Waters by Robert Glennon. Washington, D.C.: Island Press, 2002

Book Review: Groundwater Lowering in Construction: A Practical Guide by P.M. Cashman and M. Preene. London: Spon Press, 2002

NewsBriefs: Trees Used to Treat Contaminated Groundwater (Public Works Journal Corporation)

NewsBriefs: Tool Developed to Aid Groundwater Cleanup (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

NewsBriefs: Wind Power Used to Clean Up Groundwater (University of Missouri at Rolla)

Long-Term Groundwater Monitoring
The State of the Art
Prepared by the Task Committee on the State of the Art in Long-Term Groundwater Monitoring Design of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of ASCE. ...





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