Long-Range Transport of Contaminants in an Aquifer-Stream System

Conjunctive and Exclusive Use of Shallow Groundwater for Irrigation

A Conceptual Model Approach to Modeling Groundwater with GMS

Eigenvalue Simulation of Aquifers and River Interaction for Conjunctive Use

On the Use of High-Performance Simulation in the Management of Groundwater Resources in Large Aquifer Systems

Utilizing Disparate Types of Data at a Complex Site to Reduce Uncertainty Associated with Estimated Parameters

Numerical Solution of Water Flow in the Unsaturated Zone Using a Dynamic Programming Method

Optimization Modeling for Water Resource Allocation in Volusia County, Florida

The Adaptive Hydrology (ADH) Model: A Flow and Transport Model for Coupled Surface Water - Groundwater Analyses

A Procedure for Modeling Groundwater Impacts of Dredged Material Facilities

A Least-Squares Procedure for Identifying Boundary Conditions Consistent with Water Table Elevation

Comparison of Analytical Solutions for One- and Two-Layer Aquifers

Characteristics of Soil Water Flow Processes

Lagrangian Analysis of Dispersion in Porous Media by Means of Three-Dimensional Particle Tracking Velocimetry

Groundwater of Hanoi, Vietnam: Parameter Identification by the Bayesian Method

Is the Cubic Law Generally Valid in Single Fractures? Numerical Investigations Concerning Flow Phenomena Using a Single-Step Model

Transport Analysis for Liners Underlain by Fractured Clays of the Valley of Mexico

Hydraulic Resistance Exerted on Dense Nonaqueous Phase Liquid Droplets Moving Through Saturated Porous Media

Groundwater Behaviour in Tidal Beaches

Analysing the Impact of Well Hydraulic Properties on Well Inflows in Fissured Porous Aquifers





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