Seismic Microzonation Mapping in Greater Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Earthquake Ground Motion Hazards on Southern Alaska Margin, Kodiak Island and Kenai Peninsula

Two-Dimensional Shear Wave Structure and Ground Motion Characteristics in Kobe Based on Microtremor Measurements

Amplification of Strong Ground Motion and Damage Patterns During the 1994 Northridge, California, Earthquake

Surface Motion Above an Arbitrarily Shaped Tunnel Due to Elastic SH Waves

Sensitivity of Earth Dam Seismic Response to Ground Motion Coherency

Key Parameters Governing Earthquake-Induced Granular Slope Failure

Effects of Lateral Ground Movements on Failure Patterns of Piles in the 1995 Hyogoken-Nambu Earthquake

Empirical Verification of Soil-Structure Interaction Provisions in Building Codes

Seismic Ground Motion Studies for Assessing Failure Probability of an Earth Dam

Source and Attenuation Characteristics of Various Ground Vibrations

Close-In Blast Design at the Tri-Met Light Rail Tunnels

Construction Ground Movement Impacts on the Central Artery/Tunnel Project

Displacements of Structures and BART Tunnels Caused by Construction of MUNI Metro Turnback in San Francisco

Ground Movement, Building Response, and Protective Measures

Building Response to Adjacent Excavation and Construction

Design and Construction of Excavation for Shanghai Metro

Underground Construction for Toronto's Subway Expansion

Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics III
This proceedings, Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics III, contains 116 papers presented at the 1998 Specialty Conference...

Installation of a Seafloor Earthquake Monitoring System





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