Deformation Patterns in Biaxial Shear of Particulates

A Note on the Incipient Motion of Sediment Particles

On-Line Motion Planning for the Three-Link Revolute Arm in an Unknown Three-Dimensional Environment

Motion Planning of a Robotic Arm on a Wheeled Vehicle on a Rugged Terrain

Visual Mosaicking of the Ocean Floor and its Relation to Three-Dimensional Occlusions

Integration of CAD Drawings and Construction Robot Motion Controllers

Graphic-Based Interactive Path Planning for Large-Scale Bridge Maintenance Cranes

Adaptive Self-Tuning Control of Excavators

Achieving Reliable Designs for Pipelines Traversing Unstable Slopes

Recent Developments in Stochastic Mechanics Relevant to Earthquake Engineering

Probabilistic Analysis of Complex Nonlinear Motions Under Combined Periodic and Random Excitations

Statistical Aspects of Damages Due to the Great Hanshin Earthquake

Magnitude-Distance Contours for Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis

Incorporation of Fuzzy Damage States in Seismic Fragility Analysis

Response of Pile Embedded in Stochastic Ground Media

Generation of Ground Motion Time Histories as Non-Stationary Vector Processes: Response Spectrum Compatible Seismograms

Seismic Motion Incoherency Effects on Dynamic Response

On Reliability Assessment of Infrastructure Systems under Strong Earthquake

Earthquake-Induced Ground Settlements of Bridge Abutment Fills

Examples of Structural Identification from Measured Earthquake Response: Buildings, Bridges, and Dams





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