Geotechnical Factors Influencing the Spatial Variability in Ground Motions for Bridges

Earthquake Ground Response Mapping: A Tool for Earthquake Hazard Mitigation in the Portland Metropolitan Area

Ground Motion Mapping for Highway Design in the State of Oregon

Seismic Risk Assessment for Residential and Commericial Buildings in San Francisco

Contributions of Earthquake Reconnaissance to Improved Understanding of Ground Motions

Development of a Large-scale Strong Ground Motion Test Facility for Studying Structural Response and Soil-Structure Interaction

Self-Diffusion and Convection in Vibrated Particle Beds

Spatial Ground-Motion Amplification Analysis

Integration of Earthquake Hazards in GIS

Characterization of Seismic Sources and Estimated Ground Motions for Lake Almanor and Butt Valley Dams, Plumas County, Northeastern California

Seismic Stability of Lake Almanor and Butt Valley Dams

Designing Ecologically-Sound Banks Along Navigation Canals

Study on Incipient Motion of Bed Material with a Wide Size Distribution

Flow-Induced Multiple-Mode Vibrations of Lightly Damped Rectangular Trashrack Prisms

Discharge Equation of Ice Harbor Type Fishway

Detection of Hairpin Vortices Over Mixed Grain Sized Sediment Surfaces

Deposition of Fine Suspended Sediment in a Gravel-Bed Flow

Particle Model for Alluvial Fan Formation

An Instantaneous Motion Planning and Controlling Tool (IMPACT) for Construction Equipment

Seismic Activities Around Lake Kariba





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