Instrumentation and Monitoring
A detailed plan for monitoring possible ground surface movements caused by the microtunneling operations should be prepared. The plan is typically prepared by the engineer in consultation...

A Fault-Rupture Propagation Model for Ground Motion Simulation

High Explosive Simulation of Earthquake-Like Ground Motions

On the Slow Motions of Tankers Moored to Single Point Mooring Systems

Response of Tension Piles to Simulated Seismic Motion in Saturated Fine Sand

Frozen Ground Engineering
This new edition gives a peerless presentation of soil mechanics for frozen ground conditions and a variety of frozen ground support systems used on construction project worldwide. An...

Saving Saluda
One of the largest roller-compacted-concrete berms in the United States will stand sentinel in case South Carolina's Saluda Dam undergoes liquifaction in response to strong...

Foundations and Ground Improvement in the Urban Environment

New Parameters to Model Ground Motions
The paper presents three new parameters to characterize earthquake-induced ground motions. All three parameters evolve from the concept of response spectra, and are termed 3D response...

A DSM Wall for Excavation Support

Application of Water Column Dampers to Control Motions of the Wall Centre, Vancouver
The Wall Centre, a 450 foot tall high-rise tower currently under construction in downtown Vancouver will be the highest building to be constructed in that city. Wind tunnel testing indicated...

Towers in Motion (available in Structural Engineering Special Section only)
Undersea towers are typically designed to rigidly resist the forces of water and wind. But one type of tower is designed to be flexible and, rather than rely on its platform strength to...

The Gaspé Current and Cyclonic Motion over the Northwestern Gulf of St. Lawrence

Design of Structure and Damping System to Control Motions of the Park Tower, Chicago
Park Tower, a 67 story condominium/hotel project currently under construction on the Magnificent Mile, Chicago, IL, will be the first building in North America in recent times that utilizes...

Pier Width and Local-Scour Depth

Scour at Wide Piers Relative to Flow Depth

Determining Local Pier Scour Depths

Scour around Exposed Pile Foundations

Local Scour Near Single Piles in Steady Currents

Bridge Abutment Scour in Compound-Shaped River Channels





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