An Element-Free Boundary Point Method Based on Wavelet Radial Basis Functions

Synthesis of Dynamic Green's Functions for Simply-Supported Timoshenko Beams

Assessment of Flood Magnitude Estimator Uncertainty: Tolerance Limits for the Gamma and Generalized Gamma Distributions

CHDM - Catchment Hydrology Distributed Model

A Systems Engineering Approach to Distributed Hydrologic Modeling

Defining Efficiency and Uniformity: Problems and Perspectives

Identification and Quantification of Efficiency and Uniformity Components

Procedures for Combining Distribution Uniformity Components

Practical Potential Irrigation Efficiencies

Management of Surface Irrigation Systems in Heavy Clay Soils

POLO: Planning and Optimization for Linear Operations

Defining the Building Green Process

Bubba, A Teleoperated Countermine Vehicle
A recent countermine test program required the development of Bubba, a 5 ton, 6 wheel drive, M-923 military truck converted to teleoperation. The Mine Detection by Energetic Photons (MIDEP)...

Propulsion Systems: Present and Future
Propulsion is the very essence of space travel. There are many types of propulsion. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Propulsion systems are constantly being improved just...

Propagation of Linear Gravity Waves Over Slowly Varying Depth and Currents
A detailed derivation of some kinematic and dynamic properties linear surface gravity waves-current interaction. The obtained expressions, which are exact within the framework of linear...

IPA Phase 2 Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis

Random Vortex Models in Wind Engineering
Random vortex methods are Lagrangian particle-based numerical simulation schemes especially appropriate for Wind Engineering simulations. Vortex methods do not suffer from numerical diffusion...

Linking Linear Greenways To Communities

2D Finite Element Modelling of Flooding Due to River Bank Collapse
To compute the flood propagation over an initially dry area a new set of 2D equations has been recently proposed which accounts for the ground unevenness effects. The paper presents a...

Comparison of Current Meters Used for Stream Gaging
The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is field and laboratory testing the performance of several current meters used throughout the world for stream gaging. Meters tested include horizontal-axis...





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