Quasi-Optimum Redistribution of Empty PRT Vehicles

Wave Kinematics Based on a Lagrangian Formulation

Radio Communication Applications in People Mover Systems

New Educational Course Sustainable Development Eco-City

A New Linearization Strategy for Structural Optimization

A Reliability-Based Deterioration Model for Bridge Maintenance Planning

Lagrangian Analysis of Dispersion in Porous Media by Means of Three-Dimensional Particle Tracking Velocimetry

A Semi-Analytical Formulation of Contaminant Transport of Reactive Pollutants with Linear Kinetic Sorption

Toward a Generic Kernel for Air Traffic Management System

Intrusion Detection by Linear Active Cameras

Communication Strategies for Distributed Traffic Systems

Wind Wave Simulation in Coastal Zone

Formal Specification of Concurrent Finite Element Systems

An Implementation of Finite Element Method on Distributed Workstations

Effect of Divergent Flow on Mass Conservation in Eulerian-Lagrangian Transport Schemes

Pier Width and Local-Scour Depth
Presented here are the results of an enquiry into the effects of pier width on local scour depth. The results show that scour depth does not scale linearly with pier width unless there...

Optimization of a Ground-Water Injection/Extraction System
This paper describes the application of linear programming to optimize the number, location, and rates of extraction/injection for a pump and treat system at a groundwater remediation...

Predicting Transport of Organics through Soil Columns using Distributed Mass-Transfer Rates
A numerical model to describe contaminant transport through soil columns, including distributed mass-transfer, is developed. Both a gamma distribution and a lognormal distribution are...

Runoff Computation Using Spatially Distributed Terrain Parameters
A spatially distributed unit hydrograph is developed based on linear system theory applied to subareas or cells within a watershed Each cell has a unique unit response function independent...

A Comparison of Sediment Routing Models
In this paper the authors have compared the performance of coupled linear and non-linear methods of solution from these generic types, in order to assess their suitability for use in optimisation...





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