The Nitrogen and Phosphorus Budgets of the Bear River and Dingle Marsh and Their Impact on a Large, Oligotrophic Water Storage Reservoir

Modification of Nutrient Loading Models for Trophic State Prediction in a Small Reservoir

Assessment of Illinois Impoundments: Relationship of Water Quality to Watershed Characteristics, Hydrology, and Lake

Classification and Analysis of Cooling Impoundments: An Assessment Methodology using Fish Standing Crop Data

An Evaluation of the Larm Two-Dimensional Model for Water Quality Management Purposes

Temperature and Turbidity Simulation in Spada Lake

Water Quality Projections for Little Seneca Lake

Reservoir Sedimentation and Water Quality-An Heuristic Model

Geographic Information System Inputs to National Model Implementation Program for Water Resources Quality Improvement

Low-Cost Satellite Digital Image Analysis of Surface Waters

Water Quality Improvement of Lake Chicot, Arkansas

Stochastic Dynamic Program for Operating Conservation Storages of Elk City and Milford Lakes

Lake Sanitation Activities in Bavaria (Germany), Organization-Techniques-Experiences

Drawdown as a Tool for Lake Restoration: The Sanford Lake Experience

The Effects of Artificial Destratification on ALGAL Populations

A Comparison of Surface and Bottom Discharge Effects on a Small Reservoir

Reservoir Management by Pneumatic Induced Circulation

The Influence of Air Flow Rate on Line Diffuser Efficiency and Impoundment Impact

Methods of Total Lake Destratification

Fall and Winter Aeration of Lakes by Mechanical Pumping to Prevent Fish Kills





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