RCRA EP Toxicity Test Applied to Dredged Material
A set of 25 Great Lakes harbor sediment samples were subjected to bulk sediment analysis and the EP Toxicity Test. Based on the results of this pilot study, there appears to be little,...

Design of Monroe Harbor, MI Confined Disposal Facility
Confined disposal of polluted maintenance dredgings in the Great Lakes was authorized due to the 'closed system' nature of the receiving waters. Each harbor judged...

Low Turbidity Dredging Techniques in Lake Restoration

Agricultural Crop Production and Quality Effects when Soils are Amended with Dredged Lake Sediments
Lake renewal achieved by pumping loose sediment from the lake bottom requires a disposal area for that sediment and the associated water. Application of this sediment to agricultural land,...

Direct Filtration Removal of THM Precursors from CAP Water

A Modeling Analysis of the Implications of Phosphorus Availability of Lake Erie Inputs

River and Lake Ice Processes Relevant to Ice Loads
Ice effects on engineering structures in inland waters are more widespread than generally appreciated. Troublesome ice conditions can be expected regularly north of the 0 degree C January...

Measurement of Ice Forces on Structures
Methodologies and techniques are discussed for measuring ice forces on fixed structures situated in rivers and lakes. The usual method of measuring ice forces is to place a load frame...

New Buffalo Harbor Beach Nourishment

Modeling the Annual Stratification Cycle in Lakes: The 1979-80 Lake Erie Field Program as an Example

Mixing in the Epilimnion of the Dead Sea

Entrainment, Deposition, and Transport of Sediments in Lakes

Willow Creek Inlet

First-Generation Model of Ice Deterioration

Lox Dissolved Oxygen Mitigation System for Hydro Project

A Numerical Water Level Model for Lake Okeechobee

Inlake Water Quality Enhancement of a Water Supply Impoundment in Illinois

Consideration of Short Term Phosphorus Variability

Simulation and Analysis of Cooling Lake Ecosystems: Impacts of Power Plant Operations

Reevaluating Six Mississippi River Headwaters Lakes





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