How Many Years to Fill with Sediment, a Sediment Study of Lake Powell on the Colorado River
A study to determine the current capacity and to update information on the life expectancy of Lake Powell was conducted by the Bureau of Reclamation. The study documented the present storage-elevation...

IJC Challenges in an Era of Uncertainty
Since its creation pursuant to the 1909 Boundary Waters Treaty between the United States and Canada, the International Joint Commission (IJC) has evolved into an effective mechanism for...

Treatment Plant Modifications to Conserve Energy and Improve Performance
Creative funding along with thorough planning and design contributed to the successful energy conservation program at the Willow Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant, Salem, Oregon. By funding...

Channel Routing for Improved Flood Control
Lake Wappapello, located on the St. Francis River in southeastern Missouri, is operated by the St. Louis District (SLD) Corps of Engineers for purposes of flood control and recreation....

Analysis of Model Uncertainty Using Bayesian Monte Carlo
Bayesian Monte Carlo analysis combines Bayesian inference with standard Monte Carlo techniques to provide improved estimates of the uncertainty in water quality model parameters and results....

Reallocation of Lake Texoma Water for Municipal Use

Elements of a Coastal Stormwater Drainage System
Several elements in the design of a stormwater drainage system that outfalls to the ocean are discussed. The paper discusses a study conducted of the Ocean Lakes Watershed near Myrtle...

Linking Salt Lake City with Six Mountain Resorts

Definition of Littoral Cells for Ontario's Great Lakes Shorelines

Breakwater Filtration System Design for Swim Basin

North Shore Environmental Management

Beach with No Sand—Evolution of the Illinois Lakeshore

Coriolis, Bidirectional Water Flow and the Erosion/Accretion Paradox

The Prediction of Sea and U.S. Great Lakes Ice Conditions by the Digital Ice Forecasting and Analysis System (DIFAS)

Inland Coastal Erosion Processes, Lake Sakakawea, ND

Sidescan Sonar Examination of Deteriorated Revetments and Bulkheads Along Chicago's Lake Front

Evaluation of Lakefilling in Ontario, Canada

The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreements: How to Assess Progress Toward a Goal of Ecosystem Integrity

Shoreline Response to Beach Nourishment

Studies of Fish Protection Methods at Hydroelectric Plants
Five largely untested but economical fish-protection systems were tested at sites throughout North America. The process of selecting laboratory and field test sites was completed at the...





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