Bacterial and Chemical Pollution of Littoral Waters of Lake Ohrid at Pogradec—Town Area
The Pogradec shore waters exceed these bacteriological standards and provide risks to the public health. The levels of the chemical indexes clearly show the influence of organic pollution....

The Standley Lake Protection Project
Until recently, there has been no physical separation between potentially contaminated runoff from the former Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant and Standley Lake, the nearby water supply...

Are Erosion Control Programs Reducing Sedimentation?
In the Midwest, the USEPA National Watershed Monitoring Program is determining the effectiveness of land management strategies to improve water quality and biological diversity. The illinois...

Lake Number: A Long-Term Lake Water Quality Predictor
A seasonal maximum Lake number was found to be a good predictor for volume averaged water temperatures, maximum water temperatures near lake bottom, seasonal stratification characteristics,...

U.S.-Canadian Water Sharing
The development, and an overview, of processes used to address water sharing between the United States and Canada are addressed. Transboundary waters between the two countries include...

Using Spaceborne Imaging Radar to Identify Lake Water Resources on the Alaskan North Slope

Nearshore Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Modeling for Water Intake Evaluation and Design
The nearshore water of the Great Lakes is of vital interest to millions of residents. Lake water is often the focal point in issues concerning economic development, recreation, and public...

Recreational Impoundments Retrofit of Existing and Design of New Facilities
Water has been a critical component of most human endeavors, and its value as a recreational amenity is well-known. An increasing number of recreational impoundments are being considered...

Coastal Evolution Downdrift of St. Joseph Harbor on Lake Michigan

High-Resolution, Short-Term Lake Forecasts for Lake Erie

Wortley's Winter Wanderings: A Narrative

Lake/Reservoir Restoration Activities in Taiwan
The paper presents a brief overview of recent lake and reservoir restoration project activities in Taiwan, an island nation in a sub-tropical and relatively wet climate. Because of steep...

Using Remotely Sensed Data to Estimate Rates of Sedimentation

Applying a Prescriptive Model to Help Resolve Conflict Over Alamo Lake, AZ

Hydrology, Enviornment and the Shared Use of Water

Prior-Spring Lakes Watershed Improvement Project

Changing the Water Management Criteria of Youghiogheny River Lake

Salt Lake County Ground Water Recharge Project

The Recharging Effects of the New Aswan Dam Lake on the Ground Water Aquifers

Dry Deposition of Atmospheric Contaminants to Lake Michigan





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