Glacial Debris-Flows Mitigation in Kazakstan: Assessment, Prediction and Control

Climate Change Impact on Hydrology and Lake Thermal Structure

Effects of Climate Change on Water Quality of Large Lakes

Seismic Activities Around Lake Kariba

Decision Analysis: Lake Almanor and Butt Valley Dams

Bradley Lake Hydroelectric Project - A Model in the Wilderness

Ground Water Recharge at Green Valley Park, Payson, Arizona

Watershed Management Strategy for Lake Eutrophication Remediation Using a Cascade Routing Approach

Numerical Simulation of Internal Kelvin Waves with Z-level and Sigma Level Models

Sediment and Contaminant Transport in Green Bay

Prediction of Storm Induced Flows in Great Lakes Estuarine Inlets

Risk Reduction of Lead and Mercury in Michigan

Application of a Hydrodynamic Model in Design of the Kingman Lake Wetland Restoration Project
The U.S Army Corps of Engineers Baltimore District is restoring 45 acres of wetlands within Kingman Lake in the District of Columbia through the placement of dredged material from the...

Hydraulic and Engineering Considerations in Designing Constructed Treatment Wetlands for a Lake Restoration
A 12,600 ha (31,000 acre) hypereutrophic lake in central Florida is being restored by constructing a 2,020 ha (5,000 acre) wetland filter to remove suspended sediments and particulate...

Managing Great Lakes Water Levels: An International Partnership
During this century, the levels of two of the Great Lakes have been regulated; Lake Superior since 1921 and Lake Ontario since 1960. The regulation is directed by the International Joint...

Operational Aspects of Warning
Uzbekistan is referred to as the region where the most dangerous natural phenomena are: mudfloods, floods, and avalanches. During the last decades the areas of their manifestation were...

Modeling the Lake Decatur Watershed in Illinois to Evaluate Effects of Best Management Practices on Nitrate Loading
The Illinois State Water Survey recently completed a two-year monitoring and modeling study of the Lake Decatur watershed in Illinois to develop land use management alternatives that would...

Draining Himalayan Glacial Lakes Before They Burst
Glacial lakes are a common feature of the Himalaya in general and the Khumbu Himal region of eastern Nepal in particular. Some of these glacial lakes are naturally unstable because of...

The Great Great Lakes
Superlatives are in order when talking about the Great Lakes of North America! As a body of water half the size of the Mediterranean Sea and stretching more than a third across North America,...

Degradation of Carboxydiphenyl Ether via Bioaugmentation
Two diphenyl ether-degrading bacteria, Pseudomonas pseudo-alcallgenes strain POB31O and P. sp....





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