GIS in Automated Optimal Design of Sewer Networks

Optimized Design of Transmission Lines in Hurricane Regions

Wind Effects: A Non-Gaussian Perspective

Wind-Tunnel Experiments to Study the Galloping Vibrations of Traffic Signal Light Structures

Developments in Long-Span Bridge Aerodynamics

Receptivity of Unbounded Granular Shear Flow to Periodic External Forces

Impacts on Calculated Force and Response Due to Random Wave Intermittency/Nonlinearity

Modal Identification Method for Structures Subjected to Unmeasured Random Excitations

Simplification Errors in the Classic Truss Model: Are They Still Tolerable in This Age of Microcomputers?

Calculation of Inertial Force, Shear Force and Frictional Resistance of Unsteady Flow in a Tidal Marsh Slough

Environmental Evaluations in the Multi-Purpose Canister Environmental Impact Statement

Microtunneling Forces: The Pipe's Perspective

Wave Forces on Inclined and Vertical Wall Structures
This monograph, Wave Forces on Inclined and Vertical Wall Structures, contains 14 papers from nine countries. The information on these coastal...

Automated 3-D Analysis of Gravity Dam Stability

Epoxy-Coated Rock Anchors for Upper Occoquan Dam

Buried Pipelines in Large Fault Movements

Design Build: a Navy Perspective

Design-Build Doesn't Necessarily Have to be What You Thought It Was: A Case Study in which the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Explores Alternatives to `Conventional Wisdom' on Issues Associated with Design-Build

Checking Concrete Growth
When the Tennessee Valley Authority built its dams in the 1930s, instrumentation installed in the massive concrete detected a defect that would later cause major problems: concrete growth...

Axisymmetric Vibrations of Thick-Walled Cylindrical Tubes in the Presence of Thermal Residual Stresses
The paper presents an approach to the analysis of axisymmetric vibrations of thick-walled specially orthotropic multilayered cylindrical tubes. The first part of the paper is concerned...





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