A Marine Railway and Transfer System for the UNDEX Test Facility

Evaluation of Permanent Monitoring Sensors of Navy Piers

Full-Scale Studies of Pedestrian Winds: Comparisons With Wind Tunnel and Evaluation of Human Comfort

Pedestrian Comfort: A Discussion of the Components to Conduct a Comprehensive Assessment

Equivalent Average Pedestrian Wind Comfort Criteria

Use of Slip-Critical Connections in the Design of Lateral Force-Resisting Frames

The Aerodynamic Properties of a Roughened Cone

High-rise Telecommunication Tower with a Square Cross-section, Peculiarities Concerning Wind Forces and Construction

A Hybrid Numerical Technique for Simulation of Wind Flow Around Bluff Bodies

Influence of a Tuned Sloshing Water Damper on the Wind-Induced Response of a Tall Office Tower

Wind Loading and Habitability of Structurally Linked High-rise Towers

The SOA Report on CFD in Wind Engineering

Applications of Computational Wind Engineering for Practitioners

Fatigue Resistance of Various Longitudinal Weld Joints

Wind Load Computation of Building Complex with Large Eddy Simulation

Aerodynamic Stabilization of the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge

Design and Construction of Two Circular Towers in Boston

Measurement of Structural Wind Loads Using the High Frequency Pressure Integration Method

Evaluation of Wind Conditions in the Urban Environment by a Novel Experimental Technique

Pedestrian Wind Climate and Water Transport





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