Wave Forces: Data Analysis and Engineering Calculation Method

Forensics and Case Studies in Civil Engineering Education: State of the Art
This paper reviews the state of the art in the use of forensic engineering and failure case studies in civil engineering education. The study of engineering failures can offer students...

Control of Wind Response of the Trump World Tower
The Trump World Tower is a luxury residential building located on 1st Ave. and 48th St. in New York City,...

Internal Characteristics of Two-Layer Stratified Flow Systems Under Wind Stress

Application of a Barotropic Hydrodynamic Model to Nearshore Wave-Induced Circulation

Circulation and Sediment Transport in the Vicinity of the Hudson Shelf Valley

Three-Dimensional Curvilinear Modelling of Wind-Induced Flows Through the North Channel of the Irish Sea

Numerical Modeling and Field Experiments of Wind-Induced Currents in Enclosed Bay

Hydrodynamic Modeling of a Sea-Breeze Dominated Shallow Embayment, Baffin Bay, Texas

Parameter Estimation for Subtidal Water Levels Using an Adjoint Variational Optimal Method

Towers in Motion (available in Structural Engineering Special Section only)
Undersea towers are typically designed to rigidly resist the forces of water and wind. But one type of tower is designed to be flexible and, rather than rely on its platform strength to...

Nonlinear Seismic Response of Asymmetric Systems

Behavior and Design of Laterally Braced Inelastic Columns

Simplified Reliability Analysis of Light-Frame Roofs Subject to Uplift Loads

Investigation of Engineered Building Wind Failures

Wind Damage Investigation of Low-Rise Buildings

Assessment of Pedestrian Thermal Comfort

Microclimate Design Features for Buildings and Landscaping

Effect of Roofing Membrane on Wind Uplift Pressures

Wind-Induced Internal Pressures on Sports Arenas





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