A Combo Foundation Does the Job: Piled-Raft Foundation Design for a Supertall Skyscraper
Lotte World Tower is a 123-story, 555-m supertall skyscraper with a 6-level basement for retail and car parking located at Jamsil-dong in Seoul, South Korea. (Editor’s Note: For additional information,...

Extreme Wave-Force Calculation Procedure for 20th Edition of API RP-2A
The paper describes the revised guideline design wave force calculation procedure approved for the 20th edition of the API-RP2A WSD and the first edition of the API-RP2A LRFD and contrasts...

A Solution for Wind-Induced Vortex-Shedding Vibration of the Harmony and Heritage Platforms During Transpacific Tow
This paper describes the results of an advanced procedure for analyzing wind-induced vortex-shedding vibration (VSV) which was used for the transpacific tows of the Harmony and Heritage...

Dynamic Response of Floating Bridge to Wave Forces

Tornado Wind Effects on the Grand Gulf Cooling Tower

Parallel Wire Resistance Wave Meter

Ocean-Wave Forces on Circular Cylindrical Piles

Breaking Wave Force Prediction

Water Gravity Waves Generated by a Moving Low Pressure Area

Model Study of Mooring Forces of Docked Ship

Wind Waves and Swell

Diffraction of Waves by Semi-Infinite Breakwater

Water Wave Equivalent of Mach-Reflection

Diffraction of Wind Generated Water Waves

Wind-Generated Wave Diffraction by Breakwater Gap

Opposing Wave Effect on Momentum Jets Spreading Rate

The curved, tapering form of a hotel and residential tower planned for Wuhan, China, is designed to help the structure resist strong wind forces even as it rises to become one of the tallest buildings in the country and the world...

Movements and Forces Developed by Wave-Induced Slides in Soft Clays

Mean and Low Frequency Wave Forces on Semi-Submersibles

Hurricane Katrina
This chapter provides an overview of Hurricane Katrina, including data on its category, its path and intensity, and its effect on wind and water forces....





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