Optimum Conditions for Aerobic Thermophilic Pretreatment of Municipal Sludge

Show Us the Money: The Financing Approach to the Building of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

FDOT Bonded Ultra-Thin Concrete Overlay Research Project: New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport

Ten Year Assessment and Rehabilitation—Runway 9-27 LCF Pavement: George Bush Intercontinental Airport—Houston

Impact of Scour Monitoring and Instrumentation in the United States

Federal Highway Administration Concept for Designing and Evaluating Tidal Influenced Bridges for Scour

Federal Interagency Stream Corridor Restoration Document

Pesticide Leaching Under Two Tillage Systems

Adaptation of FEMA Alluvial Fan Flooding Methodology for N-Year Floods

The San Francisco Connection
An underground switchyard and storage facility for San Francisco's Municipal Railway challenged the limits of both cut-and-cover and tunneling in loose soil. The project was...

Municipal Infrastructure: Innovative Trenchless Replacement Method Utilizing Bell-Less Ductile Iron Pipe, Case Studies

Step by Step
A small townhouse community in suburban Maryland experienced repeated flooding from a nearby stream, which had eroded as the community grew from rural to suburban. By involving the affected...

Risk Sharing Mechanisms for Brownfields Redevelopment

Integration of Risk Management and Project Management for Efficient RCRA Corrective Action

Higher Ground
Thirty floods over the course of a century, capped by three major floods in 1993, finally convinced residents of Pattonsburg, Mo., that it was time to move the entire town to higher ground....

The National Historic Landmarks Survey

USAID Efforts in Mitigating Natural Disasters

The FEMA Program of Seismic Safety of Buildings

The Federal Government's Existing Building Inventory

New USGS Seismic Hazard Maps for the United States





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