Thermal Regime of the Missouri River Along Its Iowa Border

Potential Changes of Mudflow Phenomena Due to Global Warming

Automated Monitoring of Compaction Using GPS

Verification of the Bruun Rule for the Estimation of Shoreline Retreat Caused by Sea-Level Rise

Climate Change: What the North American Water Engineer Should Know
Long-range forecasts of future global warming have been made based on the increase in carbon dioxide and trace gases in the air from human activities. Potential changes which would especially...

Public Attitudes, Behavior, and the Willingness to Sacrifice to Mitigate Uncertain Adversity: Water Management Implications for Climate Change
Although several scholars have touted the emergence of a new environmentalism, many Americans seem to make decisions that do not reflect green thinking. Examples include driving more miles...

Stormwater Management Plan Updated for Climate System Changes
When large watershed stormwater management plans are updated, climate system change factors due to global warming effects should be considered. Climate system changes may cause changes...

Adapting Water Resources of the Canadian Prairies under the impact of Climatic Warming
Given that future droughts could become more frequent and more severe because of climatic warming, this paper discusses some strategies to manage and to develop the water resources of...

Detailed Measurements of Scour at Bridges
The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration, has recently developed equipment and techniques for collecting detailed bathymetric and hydraulic data...

Applying Advanced Technology in Vessel Positioning for Dredging

High-Technology in Port and Vessel Operations

VIPS: Vessel Information & Positioning System - A Private Initiative in the U.S.A.

A Pen-Centric Application for Construction Quality and Productivity Tracking

Wise, John

Energy for a Clean Future

Hydrological Impacts of Climate Changes on a Semi-Arid Region of Brazil

Climate Change: What the Water Engineer Should Know

Assessing Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources in Jamaica

Evolution of USACE/USCG Radiobeacon Network for Western/Inland Rivers

Climate Change Effects on Yaqui Valley Agriculture





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