A Note on the Free Vibration Analysis of Anisotropic Cantilever Beams

Design of FRP Shapes for Civil Structures

Experimental Statistical Study of the Motion of a Particle on a Rough Surface

Single Waste Form Repository: Conversion of Miscellaneous Wastes to Glass

Reactivity of Plutonium-Containing Classes for the Immobilization of Surplus Fissile Materials

Radionuclide Releases from Borosilicate and Natural Glasses

Reaction Progress Pathways for Glass and Spent Fuel Under Unsaturated Conditions

Waste Pile to Parking Lot: A Case Study

Damage Zone Evolution During Fatigue Crack Propagation in Aramid And Glass Fiber Reinforced Laminates

Bond of FRP Rods Embedded in Concrete

Biosphere II - Its Effects on Space Colonization
In the middle of the Arizona desert, a strange sight can be seen. A small world with ecosystems and different climate zones, just like Earth, is enclosed in glass and steel. The 3.15 acre...

Reservoir Estimates for the Sulpicius Gallus Region
Estimates presented here show that 1.1×109 metric tons of oxygen could of produced from one of the enriched areas that have been detected by spectrographic...

Effects of Dust and Thermal Cycling on Telescope Mirror Performance
In this study, 1 cm × 1 cm square optical-grade aluminized glass mirrors were measured for maximum light reflectance and then the loss of reflectance due to the presence of different specific...

Lunar Oxygen Production - A Maturing Technology
Research on oxygen production from lunar rock and soil has made significant progress in the past two years. An extensive series of experiments on natural and synthetic analogs has concentrated...

Analysis of Glass-Ceramic Production from Lunar Resources
Two simulated regoliths were used to investigate the effects of processing and composition on the properties of lunar-derived glass-ceramics. For the simulant with moderate iron concentration,...

Local Buckling of Pultruded FRP Beams: Theory and Experiment
A continuing experimental and theoretical investigation of the local compression flange buckling of commercially produced pultruded fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) beams is briefly described...

Tests on Deep I-Shape Pultruded Beams

Glass-covered Lightweight Spatial Structures
The double curved reticulated spatial structure with triangular mesh is the most favorable basis for a translucent roof. But this structure, especially is directly glazed without intermediate...

A Practical Design and Construction of Tension Rod Supported Glazing
In designing a glass skin-covered space, for the atrium, entrance hall or other core part of a building complex, the high openness and quality requirements of the space often lead to the...

Calculation of keff For Plutonium in High-Level Waste Packages





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