Long Term Stability of Natural Glasses

Results of Drip Tests of Sludge-Based and Actinide-Doped Glasses

Immobilizing the Calcined High Level Waste in Glass and Crystalline Phases

Specification Needs for FRP Composite Products

Acoustic Emission Testing of Fiberglass Molded Grating

Concrete Beams with Externally Bonded Crabon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) Strips

The World's Longest Cable-stayed Foot-Bridge Using Fiber Reinforced Plastics

High Modulus Glass-ceramic Fiber Reinforced Composites for Currently Emerging Infrastructure Applications

Detailing Effects in Anchors for FRP Prestressing Tendons

Concrete Columns Reinforced with Fiber Reinforced Plastic Rebars

Static Behavior of Pultruded GFRP Sections

Characteristics of Mechanical Connectors for Construction of FRP Structures

Connections for Pultruded Composites: A Review and Evaluation

Bolted Connections for GFRP Laminated Structural Members

Fiber Composite Warp for Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures

Biotransformation of Pesticides in Simulated Groundwater Columns
Experiments were performed to investigate the biotransformation of the pesticides alachlor, propachlor, atrazine, and bromacil under aerobic and nitrate-reducing conditions. Glass bead...

The Influence of Water Glass on the Technological Parameters of Shotcrete
Shotcrete used in tunneling must follow a clearly defined early strength development in order to comply with stresses from rock deformations and drilling and blasting. Accelerators are...

Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Stressed Composite Bars
In this study, Acoustic Emission (AE) technique is used to monitor the behavior of composite bars subjected to direct tension. Aramid Fiber Reinforced Plastics (AFRP) bars were loaded...

Glass Melter Assembly for the Hanford Waste Vitrification Plant
The Hanford Waste Vitrification Plant (HWVP) is designed to solidify high level radioactive waste by converting it into stable borosilicate glass after mixing with glass frit and water....

Post-Test Evaluations of Waste Isolation Pilot Plant—Savannah River Simulated Defense HLW Canisters and Waste Form
Eighteen nonradioactive defense high-level waste (DHLW) canisters were emplaced in and subjected to accelerated overtest thermal conditions for about three years at the bedded salt Waste...





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