Recent Trends to Reduce Shrinkage Cracking in Concrete Pavements

Early Age Shrinkage and Creep of Fiber Reinforced Concrete for Airfield Pavement

Effects of Horizontal Vibration on Hopper Flows of Granular Materials

Seismic Performance of Architectural Glazing Systems

Case Histories — Fiber Reinforced Glulam Bridges

FRP Modular System for Bridge Decks

Advanced Composites in Pedestrian Bridge Design

Journal of Composites for Construction
The Journal of Composites for Construction publishes original research papers, review papers, and case studies dealing with the use of fiber-reinforced composite materials in construction. Of special interest...

Bridge Monitoring Using An Optical Fibers Sensor System

Lateral Load Behavior of High Strength Fiber Reinforced Concrete Columns

Matrix First Cracking Strength in Continuous Fiber Cement Composites

Influence of the Yield Strength of Steel Fibres on the Toughness of Fibre Reinforced High Strength Concrete

Benefits/Impacts of Utilizing Depleted Uranium Silicate Glass as Backfill for Spent Fuel Waste Packages

Long-Term Corrosion Behavior of Environmental Assessment Glass

Surface Reactivity of High Level Waste Matrices Characterized by Radiometric Emanation Method

Embedded Fiber Optic Displacement Sensor for Concrete Elements

Property Deterioration of Composites

Concrete Beams and Slabs Retrofitted with CFRP Laminates

Smart Composite Rebars with Enhanced Ductility

Ultrasonic Characterization of FRP Composites for Bridge Applications





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