Conquering Glacial Till in Ames, Iowa

Regional Model of Glaciers Runoff and Its Application for Hydrological Forecasts

Incorporating Uncertainty, Objective, and Subjective Data in Geologic Site Characterization

Evaluation of Long-Term Time-Rate Parameters of Subglacial Till

Constructional and Environmental Aspects of Structural Materials at Antarctica and Indian Himalayas

Evaluation of Induced Infiltration in Glacial Drift Aquifers

Seismic Rehabilitation of Echo Lake Dam
Echo Lake Dam is an existing dam raising a natural lake in the Sierra Nevada in California, along the western edge of the Tahoe Basin. The dam was an embankment built with steep, hand...

The Napeague Dunes, Long Island, NY
The Napeague Dunes of eastern Long Island, N.Y., consist of a series of three migrating parabolic dunes. The area presently occupied by this system was formerly a 2.7 Km wide inlet following...

Piping Security of Glacial Till-Structure Interfaces

Soil Nailing: A Simplified Kinematic Analysis

Impact of Farming Systems on Water Quality in Iowa
Increased detection of nitrate and pesticides in surface and ground water has prompted concern about the impact of farming systems on water quality. A number of studies have been incorporated...

Special Bedrock Conditions in Greater Boston
The Cambridge Argillite, a weakly metamorphosed shale, forms the major portion of the Boston Basin, a structural as well as topographic depression. In the greater Boston area, the argillite...

Soil Water Movement in Glacial Till: A Case Study in Central South Dakota
Between 1985 and 1987, the CENDAK Drainage Steering Committee conducted several investigations to assess the drainage needs for a proposed large-scale irrigation project in central South...

Pressuremeter Evaluation of Glacial Till Bearing Capacity in Toronto Canada
Glacial tills were evaluated at three Toronto sites, using conventional methods, the pressuremeter and full scale caisson load tests. The geologic environment and specific subsurface conditions...

Constructing a Trench Drain at a Superfund Site

Geology and Soil Properties of Winnipeg

Origin and Properties of Glacial Till and Diamictons

Geotechnical Characterization of Ohio Valley Soils

Case Study of a Hazardous Waste Disposal Facility

Tile Drainage of Irrigated Till Soils in Alberta





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