Review of the Development of Composite Structures in Germany 1950–1990

Recent Trends in Composite Bridge Design and Construction in Germany

Water Protection Through Bank Strips

Final Covers for Solid Waste Landfills and Abandoned Dumps
This book presents the essential elements for the design of final covers for solid waste landfills and abandoned dumps. Chapter 1 gives an overview and presents selected aspects of regulations...

The Rhine Flood Events in December 1993/January 1994 and in January 1995

The Last Two Extreme Floods in Germany—Analyses and Consequences
The last two extreme floods in Germany occurred in December 1993/January 1994 and January 1995 within the River Rhine basin with both floods having different causes. In a comparison study,...

Impact of Anthropogenic Activities in Rivers Upon Accuracy of Hydrological Forecasts and on Development of Forecasting Methodologies—Experiences from the Slovak-Hungarian Reach of Danube
The Danube, as an international river, crosses eight states of Europe. This calls for the need of close cooperation of the Danubian countries, particularly for operational forecasts issuance,...

CAD and Visualization in Architectural Design Education - A View from Germany

History and Heritage of German Coastal Engineering

Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures by Use of Shotcrete

Environmentally Compatible Spray Cement

DMT - Steel Fibre Proportioner

Advances in Underground Pipeline Engineering II
The first international conference on Advances in Underground Pipeline Engineering was held in 1985. Some 50 authors and over 300 delegates from 20 countries took part in the presentations...

Berlin's Big Dig
As the first of many major development projects for the new Berlin, the DM 1.5 billion FriedrichstadtPassengen project is the largest private construction investment in Berlin's...

Diagnosis and Assessment of Damaged Sewers Concerning Their Structural Capacity

German Guidelines for Steel Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete in Tunnels with Special Consideration of Design and Statical Aspects

Morphology of Reciprocal Frame Three-Dimensional Grillage Structures
This paper is an introduction to the morphology of structures using the Reciprocal Frame (also known as Mandala Dach in Germany) which is a patented three-dimensional beam grillage structural...

Three Dimensional Modelling of Estuarine Sediment Transport
This paper describes the sediment transport module in the three-dimensional finite element model TELEMAC-3D which uses the operator splitting technique to solve the shallow water and transport...

Clearing the Air with Japan, Germany

Comparison of Current Meters Used for Stream Gaging
The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is field and laboratory testing the performance of several current meters used throughout the world for stream gaging. Meters tested include horizontal-axis...





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