Coupled Three-Dimensional Analysis of the Slab Foundation for the Magnetic Levitation Tranportation System (TRANSRAPID) in Germany

Branching Out (Available in Structural Engineering Special Issue only)
The Cologne/Bonn Airport in Germany is currently undergoing its biggest construction project to date: a $200 million, five-story addition. Close and productive collaboration between the...

Socioeconomic Characteristics and Transportation in Berlin
Berlin's future as a site of commerce and services, as a significant goods handling center and as an important focus for commercial relationships, is dependent upon an intact transportation...

The Berlin Local Transport Company (BVG): A Part of Berlin
Public transport was in existence in Berlin for more than 150 years. Buses, trams, and underground trains were combined in a single company, whose initials BVG became part of Berlin. As...

Fire Safety of Composite Buildings in Germany

Case Studies in Optimal Design and Maintenance Planning of Civil Infrastructure Systems
Sponsored by the Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE. This collection contains 19 papers on the optimal design and maintenance planning of civil...

Fuzzy Rule-Based Forecasting of Extreme Rainfall Probability Conditioned on Sea Surface Temperature
(No paper) The recent El Nino event demonstrated the importance of sea-surface temperature on rainfall anomalies. The purpose of this paper is to develop a methodology to forecast extreme...

Crowning Achievement
The $800 million Sony Center built in Potsdamer Platz in Berlin is divided into seven structures which are all literally brought together under one roof. The fabric and glass roof, which...

Massive Big Digging in the Center of Berlin

Design and Construction of Earth Retaining Systems
This proceedings, Design and Construction of Earth Retaining Systems, contains papers presented at sessions sponsored by the Geo-Institute...

An Active Steering Mechanism for Adtranz People Movers

Coordinated Traffic Management in the Greater Area of Munich

Analysis of the Current Situation of Green Waves in Munich

Field Study on Wave Climate in Wadden Seas and in Estuaries

The Proposed New Version of German Highway Capacity Manual

Development and Calibration of a New Cellular Automation Model for Simulation of Traffic Flow on German Motorways (Autobahn)

Stability of Biological Engineering Methods

River Restoration Projects of South-West Germany: Aim and Development

Deep Foundations in Berlin, Germany: Three Case Histories

Technology Transfer in Architecture and Civil Engineering Using the Internet - A Multi-National Teaching Effort





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