People Matters – Building Careers and Developing Leadership
This fifth article in the Business of Geotechnics series addresses personnel matters in private-sector engineering and consulting (E&C) firms. I'll be discussing the...

A Truly Rewarding Experience
A list of award winners who were honored at the 2014 Geo-Congress in Atlanta, GA....

2014 Geo-Congress Wrap-Up
A recap of the 2014 Geo-Congress in Atlanta, GA....

Geotechnical Reliability – Ten Unresolved Problems
Geotechnical engineering deals with a world in which assured solutions seldom apply, and in which the famed early practitioners spoke proudly of accommodating uncertainty and judgment....

Is There a Movement Toward Three-dimensional Slope Stability Analyses?
Over the past few years, interest in performing three-dimensional (3-D) slope stability analyses has surged. An increasing number of research papers on this topic are being published at...

The Best Surprise is No Surprise: The Geotechnical Engineer's Ethical Responsibility to Say No to Bidding
The subsurface characterization work that a geotechnical engineer must perform is critical to the success of every project that requires the cooperation of the ground, regardless of whether...

What the Future Holds for Geoengineering Firms and Their People
In this sixth and final article of the Business of Geotechnics series, the author offers his thoughts on the direction of the U.S. geoengineering business sector over the next 10 to 20...

Geotechnical IT Revolution: Intelligent Compaction and Beyond
The explosion of innovative developments in the IT industry is making many of us geotechnical engineers green with envy. We want some new technology, too! Luckily, advances in sensors...

Sudoku and Geotechnical Solutions: Lessons from a Parallel Universe of Limited Data
Geotechnical engineering relies on data to reduce risk. We infer, interpolate, and extrapolate based on often limited data with time and cost constraints also at work. Similarly, solving...

Delivering Geotechnical Engineering to Elementary School Children

UC Davis Geotechnical Graduate Student Society: Enhancing Education

Numerical Modeling Applications in Offshore Petroleum Developments

Geotechnical Aspects of OCAES Vessel and Anchoring System

The Way We Were...2013 Geo-Congress Memories

The Geotechnics of Converting Waste Sites to Renewable Energy Sites

Estimating Representative Geotechnical Properties of Municipal Solid Waste

The Business of Geotechnics

Geotechnical Triage

Diversity in Geo-Engineering

Characterization of Geotechnical Variability





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