Streamlining Contaminated Sediment Management: The Use of Sediment Treatability Profiles During Site Assessment

Geotechnical Engineering for Sustainable Development

Subway Construction Experience in Taipei and Bangkok

Using Imaging Technologies in Experimental Geotechnics

Numerical Image Processing in Centrifuge Testing

An Attempt to Compare Image Processing and Stereophotogrammetry in Geotechnical Centrifuge Models

Recent Studies in Geotechnical Image Analysis

Pavement Condition Assessment Using Ground Penetrating Radar

Transparent Soils to Image 3D Flow and Deformations

Planning a High Density Hub Terminal at Mina Raysut

Geotechnical and Structural Concepts for Seismic Risk Reduction at Ports

Geotechnical Considerations for the Batiquitos Lagoon Enhancement Project

Tieback Anchors for Rehabilitation of a Steel Sheet Pile Wharf

Environmental Assessments to Facilitate Property Acquisitions for a Transportation Corridor Realignment: Case Study in the Port of Los Angeles

Design of Artificial Islands for Dredged Material Disposal

Ports '98
This proceedings, Ports '98, is a collection of the technical papers presented at the Ports '98 conference held in...

Scaffolding—What Can We Do? (Available only in Structural Engineering Special Issue)
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc. investigated a construction site scaffolding collapse at a West Coast hotel which permanently injured three workers. The engineering investigation...

Geo–Environmental Concerns in North America

Assessing the Liquefaction Susceptibility at a Site Based on Information from Penetration Testing

Typical Pollutants Leaving a Highway Construction Site in the Houston Area, and the Effectiveness of Selected Temporary Sediment Controls





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