150 Years of Geotechnical Design & Construction

Karl Terzaghi's Legacy in Geotechnical Engineering

A Brief History of Environmental Geotechnics

Focusing on geotechnical projects that use unique techniques and innovative processes, the magazine provides the everyday, real world details that geotechnical professionals need to know. Geo-Strata is...

Geoscience and Geotechnical Aspects

Water Control Data System Modernization: Huntington District, Corps of Engineers
The Water Control Data System (WCDS) provides the tools that are used in making daily operational decisions for 35 reservoir projects and 9 navigation structures in Huntington District....

Geotechnical Surgery: A Case History

Use of Engineering Geophysics to Investigate a Site for a Bridge Foundation

Selected Geotechnical papers of James K. Mitchell
Civil Engineering Classics
Sponsored by the Geo-Institute of ASCE. This collections contains 35 key papers by James K. Mitchell during his extraordinary career as a geotechnical...

Geotechnical Testing, Observation, and Documentation
A geotechnical report, field and laboratory testing, as well as observation and documentation are all integral parts of most geotechnical projects. A technician is usually dispatched to...

Stabilizing a Crater Rim
A geocell and geogrid reinforced soil slope concept was selected to stabilize approximately 120 m of eroding and unstable portions of the crater rim at the National Memorial Cemetery of...

Evaluation of the Trevipark Automated Parking System
Prepared by the Civil Engineering Innovative Technology Evaluation Center, a CERF innovation center serving the engineering and construction industries. ...

Distance Learning: The New Geotechnical Graduate School?

Leadership Profile - The Geo-Leader: Dr. Rudy Bonaparte: Engineer, Businessman, and President, Geosyntec Consultants

Attapulgite Usage In Environmental and Geotechnical Construction

Solving Socioeconomic Problems Using Geotechnical Engineering Skills

Leadership Profile - The Geo-Leader: Stan Case

Walled In (Available in Geo-Environmental Special Issue only)
For more than 50 years manufacturing plants adjacent to the northeast bank of a midwestern creek produced asbestos-reinforced construction materials. When manufacturing at the plants ceased...

Soil Sampling
This manual addresses the principles, equipment, procedures, limitations for obtaining, handling, and preserving soil samples for geotechical investigations in support of civil and military...

Smart Growth Development as TCM: The Atlantic Steel Case





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