Geotechnical Investigations for Tunneling & Pipe Jacking

Relating Climate Factors to Pavement Subsurface Conditions

Management of Design Detailing Process: Key to Speciality Contractor Performance

The Capture and Use of Organizational Knowledge During Design & BCO Reviews

A Regional Attempt to Implement Bar-Code Control in Construction Projects

Stability Analysis of Slopes in Western Puerto Rico: A GIS Approach

Anchored Deep Soil Mixed Cutoff/Retaining Walls for Lake Parkway Project in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Design and Performance of a Tied-Back Sheet Pile Wall in Soft Clay

Geotechnical Instrumentation for a Megaproject

Design–Build Walls on Davison Freeway Save Millions

Geotechnics of Industrial By-Products
Large volumes of industrial by-products are generated each year by U.S. industries, and most are landfilled as solid waste at considerable expense. However, many by-products have desirable...

Geotechnical Performance of a Highway Embankment Constructed Using Waste Foundry Sand
A highway embankment was constructed near Auburn, Indiana, using waste foundry sand (WFS) as a demonstration project for the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT). Laboratory testing...

Using Waste Foundry Sand for Hydraulic Barriers
Green sand is a mixture of uniformly graded fine silica sand, bentonite, and organic binders that is used to make molds for castings in gray-iron foundries. Large quantities of waste green...

150 Years of Underground Design and Construction

Geotechnical Aspects of the Seoul Subway

The Santiago Subway: A Geotechnical Experience in Coarse Soil

Underground Construction for Toronto's Subway Expansion

Geotechnical Challenges Faced on Line 2 of the Greater Cairo Metro System

Test Wall Promises Big Savings (Available in Geo-Environmental Special Issue Only)
A new kind of retaining wall is being tested in Texas at a National Geotechnical Experiment site. The wall is a variation of soil-mixing that uses fewer columns, which saves time, materials...

Inspecting the Unknown (Available in Geo-Environmental Special Issue Only)
Unknown foundations have plagued civil engineers for years. In the case of underwater pilings, much time and money is spent inspecting for cracks, breaks or deterioration. Even then, visibility...





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