How Do Geosynthetics Improve Pavement's Performance

Erratum for Improvements Needed in Geosynthetics Design and Construction

For Stronger Soil, Throw in Geosynthetic Fibers, Mix Thoroughly and Build

New Applications and Practices for Beneficial Uses of Dredged Material

Geosynthetics in Dam Rehabilitation
In the first part of this paper, a review of the various types of geosynthetics is presented and it is indicated that all types of geosynthetics have been or can be used in dams to perform...

Seepage Control in Dam Rehabilitation
This paper is concerned with the control of seepage problems which develop in existing dams. It is prefaced with a discussion of attitudes and experiences that have evolved over the last...

Using Innovative Technologies and Geosynthetics in Embankment Dam Rehabilitations
The ever increasing development and confidence in new and innovative technologies such as geosynthetics, in conjunction with often significant economic advantages, have led designers to...

Application of Digital Image Processing in Morphological Analysis of Geotextiles
Geotextile filters are rapidly replacing graded granular filters in dams, landfills, edge drains, and retaining walls. The design of these filters requires morphological information about...

Geosynthetics Conquer the Landfill Law
Los Angeles' last operating landfill is undergoing a major expansion using innovative materials in the liner system to overcome difficult site conditions. The design represents...

Permeation of Organic Chemicals Through HDPE Geomembranes

Consistency and Fairness in Geotextile Specifications
By clearly defining required material properties in terms of 'Minimum Average Roll Values' for routine quality control tests and 'Average Test Values in the Weakest Principal Direction'...

Remaining Technical Barriers to Obtain General Acceptance of Geosynthetics

Pavement Improvement with Asphaltic Membranes

The Evolution of Geotextile Reinforced Embankments

A New Design Chart for Reinforced Embankments

Interface Friction of Polypropylene Straps

Two Full Size Structures Reinforced by Geotextiles

A Computer Program for the Analysis of Reinforced Soil

The Behavior of Reinforced Soil Walls Constructed by Different Techniques

Centrifuge Models of Clay-Lime Reinforced Soil Walls





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