Grouting, Soil Improvement and Geosynthetics
The proceedings of the 1992 ASCE Specialty Conference on Grouting, Soil Improvement and Geosynthetics, addresses advances in the state-of-practice, research and technological developments...

Biotechnical Stabilization of Cut & Fill Slopes

Geosynthetic Strength—Ultimate and Serviceability Limit State Design

Finite Element Analysis of Slopes with Layer Reinforcement

A Design Method for Reinforced Clay Embankments on Soft Foundations

Reinforced Soil-Cement Embankment

Subaqueous Disposal Area Development and Mitigation
Development of subaqueous dikes on soft soils extensively utilized geosynthetics. The design adopted a wide-bermed embankment with high-strength geotextile for tensile reinforcement and...

Finite Element Analysis of a Geogrid Reinforced Soil Wall

Seismic Analysis and Design of Lined Waste Fills: Current Practice

A Hybrid Expert System for Design with Geosynthetics
A prototype hybrid expert system is presented that selects geosynthetic materials and performs detailed designs for different geotechnical applications. An expert system is used to give...

Geotextile Edge Drain Design and Specification by Expert System
Expert systems can be developed and operated on personal computers to aid in the design of the geotextile filter component of pavement edge drains. The expanding use of geotextiles in...

Comparative Study of a Geogrid and a Geotextile Reinforced Embankments

Design of Retaining Walls Reinforced with Geosynthetics

The Gloryhole Approach to Increasing Dissolved Oxygen Content
Deep intakes at hydroelectric dams in southern states withdraw water that is oxygen deficient during summer months when reservoirs become stratified. The 'Gloryhole'...

A Reinforcing Method for Earth Retaining Walls Using Short Reinforcing Members and a Continuous Rigid Facing

Sand-Anchor Interaction in Anchored Geosynthetic Systems

Design of Geosynthetically Reinforced Slopes

Overview of Earth Retention Systems: 1970-1990

Field Installation of Strain Gaged Geotextiles
High-strength polyester geotextiles were used in two major Corps of Engineers projects: Wilmington Harbor, Del. and New Bedford, Mass. To verify design assumptions and as part of monitoring...

Waste Geotechnics and Geosynthetics
The geotechnology related to waste management focuses around assessing the movement of water and pollutant transport, containment of the pollutant so that it is unable to pollute the underground...





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