The Changing Alliance Between Navigational and Environmental Interests in the ACF Basin
Structural modifications imposed on the Apalachi-cola River for navigation, their environmental impacts and government actions to address these impacts are reviewed. Past structural modifications...

Application of SMA Technology in Georgia
In 1991, the Georgia Department of Transportation participated in a cooperative effort with the Federal Highway Administration to conduct one of a series of field evaluations of Stone...

Development of the GA-4 and GA-9 Legal Weight Truck Spent Fuel Shipping Casks
General Atomics (GA) is developing two legal-weight-truck spent-fuel shipping casks for transporting commercial reactor spent fuel. The GA-4 pressurized-water-reactor (PWR) and the GA-9...

High-Capacity, High-Strength Trailer Designs for the GA-4/GA-9 Casks
General Atomics (GA) is developing final designs for two dedicated legal-weight trailers to transport the GA-4 and GA-9 Spent-Fuel Casks. The basic designs for these high-capacity, high-strength...

Approach for Implementing Burnup Credit in High-Capacity Truck Casks
General Atomics (GA) will be submitting an application for certification to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for the GA-4 and GA-9 Casks in 1992. To maintain a capacity of...

GA-4/GA-9 Honeycomb Impact Limiter Tests and Analytical Model
General Atomics (GA) has a test program underway to obtain data on the behavior of a honeycomb impact limiter. The program includes testing of small samples to obtain basic information,...

Comparison of Elastic and Inelastic Analysis and Test Results for the Defense High Level Waste Shipping Cask
In the early 1980's, the U.S. Department of Energy/Defense Programs (DOE/DP) initiated a project to develop a safe and efficient transportation system for defense high level...

Allocating Chattahoochee River Water Rights
Recent proposals to reallocate Chattahoochee River waters to provide water supply for Atlanta, Georgia have caused great concern to downstream users in Alabama, Florida and Georgia. A...

Utility System Demand Forecasting Using Land Use Coefficients
In rapidly changing areas where several divergent paths of future growth are possible, there are advantages to forecasting future water demands and wastewater flows using the water and...

Biological and Physical Aspects of Dredging, Kings Bay, Georgia, USA

Manatee Ecology and Conservation in Coastal Georgia

Dredging Effects on the Hard Clam Mercenaria mercenaria in Cumberland Sound, Georgia

Aerial Photographic Analysis of Boat Traffic Distributions in Cumberland Sound, Georgia

Marsh/Mudflat Sedimentation, Cumberland Island, GA

Community Description and Monitoring of Cumberland Island Jetty at Kings Bay—St. Marys River Entrance, Georgia

Potential for Seawater Encroachment near Cumberland Island, GA

Hydrogeochemistry of Southern Cumberland Island, GA

Automated Remote Meteorological Stations for Climatic Water Budget Determination at Cumberland Island, Georgia, USA

Summary of Directional Wave Data from 3 Different Monitoring Systems Deployed Offshore of St. Mary's Entrance, Georgia

Estuarine Dynamics at Cumberland Sound, Georgia, USA





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