Prediction of Fine Sedimentation in Small Marinas
Shoaling due to fine, cohesive sediment deposition in small marina-type basins is governed by basin geometry, hydrodynamic factors and sediment load in outside waters. An easily programmable...

Continuum Modeling of Discrete Structures with Geometric Nonlinearities
The modeling of geometrically non-linear discrete structures by an equivalent continuum is presented. The discrete-continuum analogy is developed by first isolating a unit cell of the...

General Continuum Models for Discrete Structures
New knowledge is presented about the structural behavior of a variety of large repetitive lattice configurations of the type appropriate for utilization in cosmic space. Focus is placed...

Relational Database Modeling of Building Design Data

Plan Geometry of River Meanders

Long Term Stability of the Ouachita River

Factors Influencing Crossing (Riffle) Depth

Toward Interactive Color-Shaded Rendering in CAD
A software package (CATSIG) is described which allows the user to interactively color shade geometric objects created on a sophisticated commercial CAD system (CATIA). The novel features...

Automated Analysis Model Generation
The state of development of the capabilities needed to automatically link the geometric definition of a CAD system to finite element analysis is discussed. Areas considered include fully...

Laboratory Studies of Cavitation in Corps of Engineers Hydraulic Structures
A selected bibliography of significant hydraulic laboratory research efforts by the U. S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station to identify the likelihood of and means of preventing...

Reducing the Degree of Geometric Nonlinearity Through Structural Optimization

A Hybrid Method for Problems of Dynamics of Foundation

Equilibrium Path Existence for a Strut on an Elastic Foundation

Second-Order Buckling Analysis of Arches

Experimental Determination of Fluid-Coupling Coefficients in an Array of Hexagonal Prisms
The problem is related to the seismic analysis of fast breeder reactor cores, where the fluid trapped between the subassemblies is known to have a considerable influence on the core response....

Finite Element Modeling Developments at RPI

Long-Term Changes of Lower Mississippi River Meander Geometry

Large Amplitude Vibrations of Geometrically Imperfect, Clamped Anti-Symmetric Angle and Cross Ply Rectangular Plates

Stress Analysis of Nozzles in Ellipsodial Pressure Vessel Heads

Rational Calculation of Conic Shells





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