Temporal Variations in Point Bar Morphology Within Two Incised River Meanders, Goodwin Creek, Mississippi

Application of Three Dimensional Modeling to the Deep Draft Navigation Project

A Proposed Method for Discharge Estimation in Natural Streams by Surveying of Scour Holes Downstream of Drops

No Longer So Clueless in Seattle: Current Assessment of Earthquake Hazards

Electromagnetic Conductivity Survey of Pipeline Alignments for Soil Corrosivity Assessment and Corrosion Control Design for Large Diameter Water Pipelines

Creating a Very Large Area DTM for Universal Access

The National Historic Landmarks Survey

Inspecting the Unknown (Available in Geo-Environmental Special Issue Only)
Unknown foundations have plagued civil engineers for years. In the case of underwater pilings, much time and money is spent inspecting for cracks, breaks or deterioration. Even then, visibility...

Deep Mixing Method: A Global Perspective
Various contemporary deep mixing method (DMM) techniques have been used in the United States since 1986. Such techniques owe their origins to Japanese and Scandinavian developments, which...

California's Harbor Safety Committees

A Captain of the Port's View of Port Safety in California

Recycling Oil Industry Seismic Data for Geologic Hazards Analysis

Oil Spill Prevention and Response: Partnerships Make It Happen

The U.S. Minerals Management Service Oil Spill Research Program

Using Geography as a Management Tool: The National Ocean Service San Francisco Bay Project and Pacific Coast Program

Mediating Conflicts Between Fish and Oil: A Prototype for Joint Problem Solving of Space-Use and Resource Conflicts

The Parkshuttle Pilot Project

PIANC and the Environment

Bottom Shear Stress from Propeller Jets

The Federal Administration's Plan to Expedite Dredging in the Port of New York and New Jersey: Progress of Execution at the Local Level





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