Geological Suitability Studies as to Burial of Radioactive Waste in Salts and Tuffs of the Transcarpathian Depression

Gasgeodynamical Method for the Assessment of Rock Massif for Raw Disposal

Characterization of the Potential for Perched Water Development at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Modeling Spatial Heterogeneity of Thermal Conductivity Using a Surrogate Property

Calcite Fracture Fillings as Indicators of Paleohydrology at the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory, Sweden

A Preliminary Three-Dimensional Geological Framework Model for Yucca Mountain

Evaluation of Uncertainty in Geological Framework Models at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Depth to Pre-Cenozoic Basement in Southwest Nevada

Amphibole in Quaternary Basalts of the Yucca Mountain Region: Significance to Volcanism Models

Selection of Geological Formations for Low- and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste Disposal in Hungary

Hydrogeological Conditions of Preselected Sites for Raw Disposal in Geological Formations of Ukraine

Evaluation of Geological Formations of Eastern Europe Countries for Raw Disposal and Elaboration of Joint R&D Programmes

A Project of Classification of Large Geologic Structures of the Earth's Crust According to the Conditions of Radioactive Waste Disposal

Recent Development of the LBL/USGS Site-Scale Model of Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Radiocarbon Dating of Fossil Mollusk Shells in the Yucca Mountain Region

Implementation of the Underground Tests at the Exploratory Studies Facility

Paleohydrological Mixing Portions in One Deep Borehole at The Swedish Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory

Tailored Model Abstraction in Performance Assessments

Development of a System Model for the Postclosure Assessment of a Concept for Geological Disposal of Canada's Nuclear Fuel Waste

Use of Geostatistical Modeling to Capture Complex Geology in Finite-Element Analysis





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