Overcoming Soil Uncertainty in Prediction of Construction and Industrial Vibrations

Probabilistic Simulation of Geologic Waste Disposal Facilities Using the Repository Integration Program (RIP)

Incorporating Uncertainty, Objective, and Subjective Data in Geologic Site Characterization

Scoping Analysis of In Situ Thermal-Hydrological Testing at Yucca Mountain

Approach, Methods and Results of an Individual Elicitation for the Volcanism Expert Judgment Panel

Achieving a Reasonable Level of Accuracy in Site Characterization in the Presence of Geologic Uncertainty

Geostatistical Assessment of Spatial Variability in Piezocone Tests

The Application of Time Domain Electromagnetics to a Regional Groundwater Investigation in Western Washington

Appalachian Piedmont Regolith: Relations of Saprolite and Residual Soils to Rock-Type

Use of Geologic Information in Site Characterization

A Comparison of Geological and Stochastic Approaches to Characterization of Heterogeneity and their Effects on Simulations of Pump-and-Treat Systems

Performance Assessment Modeling of the Proposed Genting Island Repository Facility

Keys to Opening the Nation's First Deep Geological Repository in 1998

Ukrainian Program of Radioactive Waste Disposal in Geological Formations

Geoenvironmental Evaluation of Geological Formations of Lithuania for Radioactive Waste Disposal

The Great Guam Earthquake of 1993 Port Disaster and Recovery

Simulating Long Period Ground Motions in Three-Dimensional Basins Using a Staggered-Grid Finite-Difference Approach

Characterization of the Potential for Perched Water Development at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Evaluation of Uncertainty in Geological Framework Models at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Hydrogeological Conditions of Preselected Sites for Raw Disposal in Geological Formations of Ukraine





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