Deep Geological Disposal Programs in Preparation and Under Development

Indian Programme on Deep Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste

Ukrainian Program of Radioactive Waste Disposal in Geological Formations

Approach, Methods and Results of an Individual Elicitation for the Volcanism Expert Judgment Panel

An Assessment of Future Volcanic Hazard at Yucca Mountain

Evaluation of Geological Formations of West Ukraine from the Standpoint of Raw Disposal

Geological and Geophysical Studies of Sites in the Ukrainian Shield Rock Series Suitable for Construction of Underground Laboratories

Geoenvironmental Evaluation of Geological Formations of Lithuania for Radioactive Waste Disposal

Site Selection and Evaluation of Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste: Regulatory Aspects

Scoping Analysis of In Situ Thermal-Hydrological Testing at Yucca Mountain

Borehole UE-25 ONC #1 Drilling at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Performance Assessment Modeling of the Proposed Genting Island Repository Facility

Critical Groups for Geological Disposal Performance Assessments

Floodplain Management in Los Angeles County
Los Angeles is located in a geologically young area of the western United States. It is characterized by highly erodible, steep mountains and flat alluvial plains. Located in a semi-arid...

Use of Geologic Information in Site Characterization

Incorporating Uncertainty, Objective, and Subjective Data in Geologic Site Characterization

The Use of Direct Push Technologies in Expedited Site Characterization

Achieving a Reasonable Level of Accuracy in Site Characterization in the Presence of Geologic Uncertainty

Geologic Uncertainties in Tunneling

Probabilistic Simulation of Geologic Waste Disposal Facilities Using the Repository Integration Program (RIP)





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