Development of Stochastic Indicator Models of Lithology, Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Preliminary Results of Investigation of the Ukrainian Shield Geological Formations for Radioactive Wastes Disposal

Shaft Performance in Taylor Marl—Field Measurements vs. Numerical Modeling

Exploratory Studies Facility and Potential Repository Source Term

Development of a Mechanical Alcove Excavator for the Yucca Mountain Exploratory Study Facility

Enhancing Nuclear Waste Disposal Safety by Exploiting Regional Groundwater Flow—An Exploratory Proposition

Use of Database in Geo-environmental Engineering
Geo-environmental projects are becoming increasingly complex requiring rigorous mathematical computation and analysis of large amounts of data. This paper looks into how a geo-environmental...

Concept and Programme Radioactive Waste Disposal in Geological Formations of Ukraine

Status-NRC's QA Overview of the High-Level Nuclear Waste Geologic Repository

Preliminary U-Series Disequilibrium and Thermoluminescence Ages of Surficial Deposits and Paleosols Associated with Quaternary Faults, Eastern Yucca Mountain

Preliminary Results of Paleoseismic Investigations of Quaternary Faults on Eastern Yucca Mountain, Nye County, Nevada

Constraining Local 3-D Models of the Saturated-Zone, Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Mars Terraformation Revisited
This report is a look into the future; not only that of the solar system, but of humans. With the goal of changing Mars into a living planet, we also have to face the change of the human...

Integrated Geology and Preliminary Cross Section Along the North Ramp of the Exploratory Studies Facility, Yucca Mountain

Terrestrial Analogs: Implications for Lunar Lava Tubes
Earlier work has demonstrated that lava tubes did form on the Moon. Comparison of terrestrial lava tubes to their lunar counterparts suggest that they are very similar despite the order...

Inferences of Paleoenvironment From Petrographic, Chemical and Stable-Isotope Studies of Calcretes and Fracture Calcites

Potential of Vertebrate Studies for Assessing Past Climate Variations

Sensitivity and Probabilistic Analyses of the Impact of Climatic Conditions on the Infiltration Rate in a Variable Saturated Multilayered Geologic Medium

Geoscientific Studies in the Tono Area, Japan

Safeguarding the Disposal of Canada's Used Nuclear Fuel





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