Modeling and Seismic Risk Analysis of Networks

Earthquake Hazard Mapping for Lifeline Engineering Coquitlam, British Columbia

Tailored Model Abstraction in Performance Assessments

A Remote Sensing Evaluation of Lunar Pyroclastic Deposits

Lunar Oxygen Production - A Maturing Technology
Research on oxygen production from lunar rock and soil has made significant progress in the past two years. An extensive series of experiments on natural and synthetic analogs has concentrated...

Corrosion Scenario Development for Corrosion Lifetime Prediction of Carbon Steel Used for Geological Disposal Package

Interfaces Between Transport and Geologic Disposal Systems for High-Level Radioactive Wastes and Spent Nuclear Fuel—A New International Guidance Document

Standards and Regulations for Geologic Disposal of High Level Waste: An Issues Framework

Planning and Management of Change

Li, Qizhi

Staff Technical Position on Consideration of Fault Displacement Hazards in Geologic Repository Design

Gravity and Megnetic Investigations of Yucca Wash, Southwest Nevada

Molluscs as Climate Indicators: Preliminary Stable Isotope and Community Analysis

Tree-Rings and Climate: Implications for Great Basin Paleoenvironmental Studies

Late Holocene Climate Derived From Vegetation History and Plant Cellulose Stable Isotope Records From the Great Basin of Western North America

Modeling Heretogeneous Unsaturated Porous Media Flow at Yucca Mountain

Hydraulic Design of Spillway Plunge Pool Linings
The design of plunge pools for high head spillways with flip bucket terminal structures often requires a detailed examination of the stability of the resulting scour hole in the river...

The Variability of Large Alluvial Rivers
Written by river engineers and earth scientists who are experts in river morphology, dynamics, and control, The Variability of Large Alluvial Rivers...

Goals and Requirements for Scientific Lunar Rovers
The detailed science requirements for future lunar rovers should, of course, be based on achievable science goals and objectives. It is clear that lunar geoscience will benefit by robotic...

Expert System for Bridge Scour and Stream Stability
Significant engineering judgment is required to ascertain the scour susceptibility of bridges. This judgment is typically acquired through many years of experience. This paper describes...





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