Terrestrial Analogs: Implications for Lunar Lava Tubes
Earlier work has demonstrated that lava tubes did form on the Moon. Comparison of terrestrial lava tubes to their lunar counterparts suggest that they are very similar despite the order...

Site Effects on Strong Shaking and Seismic Risk: Recent Developments and Their Impact on Seismic Design Codes and Practice
The very strong influence of localized poor or 'adverse' geological/geotechnical foundation conditions on patterns and concentrations of damage during a number of recent earthquakes (e.g.:...

Shaft Performance in Taylor Marl—Field Measurements vs. Numerical Modeling

Development of a Mechanical Alcove Excavator for the Yucca Mountain Exploratory Study Facility

Exploratory Studies Facility and Potential Repository Source Term

Corrosion Scenario Development for Corrosion Lifetime Prediction of Carbon Steel Used for Geological Disposal Package

Integrated Geology and Preliminary Cross Section Along the North Ramp of the Exploratory Studies Facility, Yucca Mountain

Interfaces Between Transport and Geologic Disposal Systems for High-Level Radioactive Wastes and Spent Nuclear Fuel—A New International Guidance Document

Standards and Regulations for Geologic Disposal of High Level Waste: An Issues Framework

Methodology of Scientific Investigations for Radioactive Waste Disposal in Geological Formations of Ukraine

Sensitivity and Probabilistic Analyses of the Impact of Climatic Conditions on the Infiltration Rate in a Variable Saturated Multilayered Geologic Medium

Results from the Kristallin-I Performance Assessment

Planning and Management of Change

Enhancing Nuclear Waste Disposal Safety by Exploiting Regional Groundwater Flow—An Exploratory Proposition

Constraining Local 3-D Models of the Saturated-Zone, Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Preliminary Results of Investigation of the Ukrainian Shield Geological Formations for Radioactive Wastes Disposal

Geoscientific Studies in the Tono Area, Japan

Staff Technical Position on Consideration of Fault Displacement Hazards in Geologic Repository Design

Gravity and Megnetic Investigations of Yucca Wash, Southwest Nevada

Concept and Programme Radioactive Waste Disposal in Geological Formations of Ukraine





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