Drones: An Engineering Reconnaissance Tool of Tomorrow, but Here Today!
About six years ago, I began researching geotechnical engineering applications of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones. My initial efforts were encouraged by most of my colleagues, but were criticized...

Research Shows Faults Offshore San Diego and Los Angeles Are Connected

Link Discovered Between San Francisco Bay Area Faults

Whose "Fault" Is This? Overcoming Faulting and Ancient Landslides in a Dam Abutment
The Calaveras Dam Replacement Project (CDRP) is the largest project in the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission's (SFPUC) $4.8 billion, multi-year Water System Improvement Program (WSIP). The program...

Borehole Geophysics: Tools to Characterize Rock Properties
Effective design and construction in rock requires characterization of the engineering properties of the rock mass, as well as any associated geological features such as joints, faults, and bedding planes....

Vertical Lift, Subsidence Detected on San Andreas Fault System

Remote Sensing: A New Revolution in Geotechnical Engineering
Remote sensing in the form of satellite imagery has become part of our everyday life—from displaying boring locations at a job site to the various mapping apps on our smart phones that help us get there....

A Fault-Rupture Propagation Model for Ground Motion Simulation

The Stressed Fault and the Small Fracture

NewsBriefs: Fault Line Threatens Japan's Beloved Mount Fuji (AFP)

NewsBriefs: Newly Discovered Seismic Fault Could Produce Powerful Earthquake in Rockies (Reuters)

Retrofit of Stadium Straddling Active Fault Moves Forward

NewsBriefs: Earthquakes, Fault Lines Create Cities On the Move (LiveScience.com)

NewsBriefs: Reservoir Possibly at Fault in Earthquake

Flood Warning System for the Sutlej River in Remote Northern India
Through a collaborative effort of the Central Water Commission (CWC) of India, the U.S. Agency for International Development (which provided funding for the project), Riverside Technology,...

Evaluation of Satellite-Based Impervious Surface Data for the Mid-Atlantic Region Using an Independently Collected, High-Resolution Validation Database
Satellite-based estimates of impervious surfaces are being produced for the entire United States as part of the U.S. Geological Survey's (USGS) Landsat-based National Land Cover Database...

Dams: Rock Faulting Leads to Spillway Redesign

CoreBits: Industry News — Dr. William L. Fisher to Receive Marcus Milling Legendary Geoscientist Medal; British Geological Survey Brings Together Geological Information; REDI Engineering, Inc. Relocates; IFAI Seeks Participants for China Fact-Finding Mission; 2007 SP Prize for Excellence in Practice of Geotechnical Engineering; PDCA of Mid-Atlantic to Sponsor Conference on Design and Installation of Cost-Efficient Piles; PDCA Announces Dynamic Pile Testing Seminar

Forensic Engineering: Investigators Fault Epoxy 'Creep' in Big Dig Collapse

NewsBriefs: Program Will Store Geological Data (U.S. Geological Survey)





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