Terzaghi Lectures
Sponsored by the Executive Committee of the Geotechnical Engineering Division of ASCE. This Geotechnical Special Publication contains eight lectures...

Seismic Risk Analysis of a Multi-Site Portfolio of Buildings
A discussion of a methodology that permits the assessment of the seismic risk associated with a group of buildings and incorporates relevant aspects of seismic hazard assessment including...

Techniques for Rapid Assessment of Seismic Vulnerability
Under the impetus of a growing awareness of seismic hazards, there is an increasing effort being devoted to assessing the seismic vulnerability of existing buildings. For many professionals...

Geotechnical Characteristics of Seafloor Sediments: Norton Sound, Alaska
During the past few years the USGS has been conducting studies in the northern Bering Sea aimed at identifying geologic and environmental conditions that may be hazardous to offshore resource...

Landslide Hazard Rating for the Oregon Coast Range
The landslide hazard rating system for shallow soils on steep terrain over hard sandstone has three components: ground water response to precipitation, soil shear strength (including root...

Probability of Stability Design of Open Pit Slopes
Uncertainty and risk have always been associated with mining. This is evidenced in the common mining terminology of proven ore, probable ore, and possible ore. From a geotechnical standpoint,...

Communication of Coastal Erosion Information to Shorefront Residents: The User Perspective
Coastal erosion problems are reaching critical proportions along much of the US shorefront. One reason for this situation is that information needed to improve the management of eroding...

Density Transfer: The Santa Monicas Contribution
This paper addresses some aspects of designing and implementing density transfer programs, as illustrated by the Transfer of Development Credit (TDC) program which the California Coastal...

Stochastic Models and Their Use in Seismic Hazard Analysis

Geotechnical Considerations of Las Vegas Valley

Hazards to Marine Pipelines

Tsunami Hazards in Coastal Zones

Coping with the Great Lakes, Flooding and Erosion

Non-Zero Mean Random Response of Yielding Systems

Lifelines, Seismic Hazards and Public Policy

Seismic Hazards: A State Government Perspective

Seismic Hazards and Public Policy as Viewed by a Local Agency

Planning Initiatives for Seismic Hazard Mitigation

A Seismic Hazard Evaluation of California

Economic and Seismic Hazard Mitigation for a Gas and Electric Utility





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