Evaluation of Vertica Retaining Wall Systems
Prepared by the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center (HITEC). This report describes a HITEC evaluation designed to determine the basic capabilities...

Pavement Base Reinforcement with Geogrids — Modeling the Aggregate Interlock Mechanism

Evaluation of Anchor Wall Systems' Landmark Reinforced Soil Wall System
With T.C. Mirafi's Miragrid & Miratex Geogrid Reinforcement —Final Report
This report describes a HITEC evaluation designed to determine the basic capability and limitations of the Landmark/Mirafi System for use as a technically viable precast MSE retaining...

Stabilizing a Crater Rim
A geocell and geogrid reinforced soil slope concept was selected to stabilize approximately 120 m of eroding and unstable portions of the crater rim at the National Memorial Cemetery of...

Evaluation of Geogrid-Reinforced Granular Base

Reconstruction of St. Louis CSAH 48—LaVaque Road near Duluth, Minnesota

The Design of Geosynthetic Reinforced Foundations

Dynamic Loading on Foundation on Reinforced Sand

A Study of Stress Distribution in Geogrid-Reinforced Sand

Partnering Geosynthetics and Vegetation for Erosion Control

Short Term Pullout Tests of Geogrid in a Compacted Lateritic Soil

An Integrated Geogrid Mattress Armouring System for Capping of Contaminated Dredge Materials

The Control of Settlement Using Geogrids
The applicability of geogrids in reducing settlements has been investigated in the laboratory in two separate studies, in unpaved roads under cycled load applications, and as overlays...

Strip Foundation on Geogrid-Reinforced Clay
Laboratory model test results for the ultimate bearing capacity and allowable bearing capacity at various settlement levels conducted on a strip foundation supported by geogrid-reinforced...

Synthetic Geogrid Reinforces Existing Earth Dam Embankments

A Better Grade Of Grade
A new technique for using geogrid reinforcement to construct natural-looking steep earth slopes called landform contour grading helped meet engineering, economic and aesthetic challenges...

Finite Element Analysis of a Geogrid Reinforced Soil Wall

Gabions and Geogrids
The century-old gabion concept can be improved upon by adding geogrid reinforcement to the soil embankments the gabion wall is designed to support. The grids add stability to the embankment...

Comparative Study of a Geogrid and a Geotextile Reinforced Embankments

Use of Geogrids on Soft Deposits
The construction of highway embankments over soft and waste deposits required the use of geogrids as an economical alternate to conventional methods of 'remove and replace'....





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