Streamlining the RI/FS Process

Effectiveness of Blast-Furnace and Gasifier Slags at Reducing Ingress of Chloride Ions into Portland Cement Concretes in Marine Environments

Integrated Coal Gasification Wastewater Treatment

Gaseous and Solid Waste Residuals from Synfuel Plant Wastewater Treatment

Biological Treatability of In-Situ Coal Gasification Wastewater

Leaching Characteristics of Metal Finishing Sludges
The purpose of this research was to study the feasibility of biodegrading phenolics to methane by thermophilic anaerobic treatment. The study was a feasibility level assessment which examined...

Thermophilic Anaerobic Biodegradation of Waste Components in Coal Gasification Quench Liquors

New Generation Capacity
Currently, electric utilities in the U. S. have excess generation capacity. In addition, some new generation capacity is well under construction and is scheduled to come on-line soon,...

Combined Cycle Coal Conversion Water Issues

Biochemical Oxidation of Solvent Extracted Coal Gasification Process Wastewater

Simplified Estimating Methods for New Technologies

The Impact of PSD Requirements for a Mione Mouth Coal Gasification Project

Coal Conversion Solid Waste Disposal
The major solid waste produced at coal conversion facilities will be gasification slag or ash. To evaluate the impact of this waste on the environment, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory...

Reusing Coal Gasification Plant Wastewaters

The Environmental Protection Agency's Multimedia Guidance Development for the Low-Btu Gasification Industry

Wastewater Treatment for Synful Projects

Zero Discharge vs. Release for Synfuel Wastewater

Water Resources for a Coal Gasification Facility

Water Resources Impacts of Emerging Technologies in Texas

Wastewater Treatment and Solid Waste Disposal Research and Development: Fixed Bed Coal Gasification Facilities





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