Effects of Dissolved Air Flotation Hydraulic Loading Rate on Water Treatment Performance

Monitoring Dissolved Oxygen and Total Dissolved Gas in Tailraces

Prediction of Dissolved Gas Concentration Downstream of a Spillway

Design of Spillway Deflectors for Ice Harbor Dam to Reduce Supersaturated Dissolved Gas Levels Downstream

Total Dissolved Gas in the Near-Field Tailwater of Ice Harbor Dam

Climate Change: What the North American Water Engineer Should Know
Long-range forecasts of future global warming have been made based on the increase in carbon dioxide and trace gases in the air from human activities. Potential changes which would especially...

Water Vapor Effects on the Corrosion of Steel

Prediction of Dissolved Gas Supersaturation Below Spillways

Adsorption Technology for Mercury Control in Flue Gases

Implementation of Dissolved Air Flotation Technology

A Gas Sampling System for Withdrawing Humid Gases From Deep Boreholes

Observations on the Growth of an Internal Boundary Layer with a Lidar Technique
The distribution of atmospheric water vapor across a step change in surface humidity (dry-wet) was observed by a Lidar measurement technique under neutral atmospheric stability condition....

Living in Space
Living in space will be the key project for the survival of the human species in the future. The world is becoming more polluted, suffering under the lack of living space, and if people...

Columbia River System Operations — Water Quality Assessment
In mid-1990, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, and Bonneville Power Administration embarked on a Columbia River system operation review. Ten technical work...

Density Fluctuations and Use of the Krypton Hygrometer in Surface Flux Measurements
The magnitude of the of the Webb et al. (1980) density corrections on water vapor fluxes due to the flux of sensible heat is examined in terms of the Bowen ratio. The correction due to...

Diffusion of Carbon Dioxide Through Layers of the Unsaturated Zone at Yucca Mountain
The estimation of diffusive transport of gases through tuffs is important in order to asses the Yucca Mountain as an environmentally safe and acceptable repository for spent fuel and high-level...

Modification of the Stilling Basin at Arthur R. Bowman Dam, Oregon to Reduce Dissolved Gas Supersaturation

In-situ Release of Solar Wind Gases from Lunar Soil
A concept is described which has the potential to perform the in-situ heating of the lunar regolith in order to release the solar wind gases. The poor thermal conductivity of the lunar...

Environmental Aspects of Lunar Helium-3 Mining
Three potential detrimental effects of lunar 3He mining have been identified; visual changes, atmospheric contamination, and solid waste disposal....

Intersection Air Quality Analysis
Methods of carbon monoxide concentration estimation at or near intersections have recently undergone scrutiny with resulting debate on the proper and accurate ways to make these estimates...





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