Bridge Repair on the Fast Track
For repair with tight deadlines, conventional approaches to inspection and repair might not be fast enough. Where the concept of design-build leaves off, the contractual solution of inspect-repair...

An Alternative Linearization Method

A Dynamic Analysis of Joined Stacked Blocks

Optimizing Ground Water Remediation Design Using Linear-Quadratic Functions

Random Vibration of Laminated Composite Plates with Shear Non-Linearity

BEM for Scattering of Elastic Waves by Cracks in Laminated Plates

Reliability Assessment of Underground Shaft Closure

Saint-Venant's Principle for Linear Piezoelectric Porous Materials

Texture Development and Anisotropy in Plasticity

Oscillation of Two Neighboring Bubbles Beneath an Indented Free Surface

An Element-Free Boundary Point Method Based on Wavelet Radial Basis Functions

Response Cumulant Equations for Dynamic Systems Under Delta-Correlated Processes

Synthesis of Dynamic Green's Functions for Simply-Supported Timoshenko Beams

Nonlinear Optimal Control of Seismic-Excited Linear Structures

POLO: Planning and Optimization for Linear Operations

Resource Leveling and Linear Scheduling

Assessment of Flood Magnitude Estimator Uncertainty: Tolerance Limits for the Gamma and Generalized Gamma Distributions

CHDM - Catchment Hydrology Distributed Model

A Systems Engineering Approach to Distributed Hydrologic Modeling

Defining Efficiency and Uniformity: Problems and Perspectives





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