Kazakstan Irrigation and Environmental Regulations

Erosion-Controlled Radioactive Transport in Agricultural Watersheds

Recent Work in the Design and O&M of I&D Systems

Installation of a Flexible Pipeline Irrigation System in Egypt

Rotational Water Supply System

Well Contamination and Related Spatial Attributes

Subsurface Water Movement on an Agricultural Watershed

Selection of Irrigation Methods for Agriculture: Drip/Micro Irrigation

Water Resources Engineering '98
This proceedings, Water Resources Engineering 98, contains summaries of papers presented at the 1998 International Water Resources Engineering...

Interest in Deposits (available only in Geoenvironmental Special Issue)
Sediment accumulating in reservoirs worldwide is gradually reducing storage capacity, posing a long-term threat to supplies of drinking and irrigation water. The buildups also highlight...

The Use of Drainage in Expanding the Capabilities of Irrigated Land Application Systems

Water Quality of Kangra Valley (India) - A Case Study

Evaluation of the Water Quality Model OPUS

The Effect of Gate-Operation Rules on Water-Delivery Performance: Phitsanulok Irrigation System, Thailand

Drainage by Evaporation for Soil Salinity Control

Eco-Environmental Constraints to Rice Irrigation

The Sacramento—A River in Repair

Groundwater Nitrate in Coastal Florida Citrus Groves

Plug and Play Canal Automation: Is It Possible?

Review of Manual 57: Management, Operation and Maintenance of Irrigation and Drainage Systems





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