Effect of Reservoir Hedging on Crop Yield Under Deficit Irrigation Conditions
In case of irrigation projects, irrigation scheduling at the field has a direct bearing on yield crops. Hence, the various reservoir operating policies considered have to be evaluated...

Precast Concrete Low-Head Pressure Pipe Significant in Historic Irrigation Canal Rehab

Full-Scale Test Studies on Prevention of Frost Damage for Retaining Wall Reinforced with Geotextile

A Survey of Urban and Agricultural Watershed Management Practices

Regional Scale Effects of Aquifer Parameters on Exposure

Potential for Irrigation on the Delmarva Peninsula

Impacts of Potential Water Use Restrictions on Row-Crop Irrigation in the ACF Basin

Agricultural Water Supply and Conservation Issues in Northeast States

Untapped Water Conservation Opportunities in New England

Influencing Ground Water by Dilution

Experience in Injecting Storm Water Into Aquifers to Enhance Irrigation Water Supplies in South Australia

Evaluation of the Recharge Techniques Adopted for Conjunctive Use of Surface and Groundwater in the State of Haryana (India)

The Recharging Effects of the New Aswan Dam Lake on the Ground Water Aquifers

Artificial Recharge of Ground Water for All Purposes?

Use of Percolation Tanks in Recharge Augmentation in Semi-Arid Hard Rock Terrain in Western India

Borehole Injection Studies in Deccan Trap Basalts Near Nagpur

Artificial Recharge of Groundwater in Punjab India

Ralegan Sindi watershed a Case Study of Artificial Recharge of Ground Water

Rapid Infiltration Basin Operation and Maintenance

Hydroelectric Power Development Using Irrigation Flows





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