Radionuclide Release Rates From Natural Analogues of Spent Nuclear Fuel

The Spent Fuel Disposal Program in Taiwan

Comparison of Uranium Dissolution Rates From Spent Fuel and Uranium Dioxide

Use of Wastes as Fuels in the Cement Industry: Pros & Cons

Breakout Session 6C: Alternative Fuels

Utilization of Waste Solvent Fuels in Cement Manufacturing

Utilization of Fossile Fuels Combustion Waste

The Use of Secondary Products in the Cement and Concrete Industry

The Hidden Cost of Clean Air Regulations

Paper Summary Inventory Assessment of DOE Spent Nuclear Fuels

Fitted Analytical Expressions Giving the Enrichment in U235 of a Fresh Fuel Equal to a Spent PWR Fuel

Management of HFIR Spent Fuel

Safeguarding the Disposal of Canada's Used Nuclear Fuel

High-Burnup/Low Cooling-Time Fuel Carrying Capacity of the GA-4 and GA-9 Spent Fuel Shipping Casks

Environment-Friendly Deicing/Anti-Icing Fluid
NASA Ames has formulated a unique candidate non-glycol based freezing point depressant (FPD) fluid material that performs essentially the same or superior to currently used glycol based...

Technical Evaluations Necessary for Determining Site Suitability for a High-Level Waste Repository
Congress, under the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982, as amended, has charged the Department of Energy with the responsibility for safely and permanently disposing of high-level radioactive...

Model for Release of Gaseous ¹4C From Spent Fuel

The Development of the CRWMS Transportation System
The Transportation System of the Civilian Radioactive Waste Management System (CRWMS) is being developed using a system engineering approach to ensure it is properly integrated into the...

Development of the Service & Maintenance Segment of the Transportation System
This paper discusses the progress to date in establishing the Service and Maintenance Segment of the Transportation System required to maintain the equipment required to transport spent...

Site and Facility Waste Transportation Planning Documents (SPDs): Status and Findings
Site and Facility Waste Transportation Services Planning Documents (SPDs) are detailed desk-top reference documents that initiate planning for shipping commercial spent nuclear fuel (SNF)...





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