Nuclear Propulsion
In this paper, the possibilities and safety of nuclear propulsion will be discussed and explained. The main focus pertains to the efficiency and safety of this form of propulsion. Nuclear...

Policy Issues of Transporting Spent Nuclear Fuel by Rail

Categorization of Department of Energy Spent Nuclear Fuel

Systems Modeling for the DOE Spent Nuclear Fuel Program

Review of Technologies and Alternatives for Dispositioning DOE/INEL Spent Nuclear Fuels

Implementation of Spent Fuel Storage Options - A Utility Project Engineers Perspective

Transfer of Spent Nuclear Fuel Into Multi-Purpose Canister Storage

The First Multipurpose Spent Fuel Container Reviewed by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC)

Preliminary Spent LWR Fuel Oxidation Source Term Model

Spent Fuel Characteristics Relevant to High-Level Waste (HLW) Source Term

Long-Term Effects of Neutron Absorber and Fuel Matrix Corrosion on Criticality

Effects of Axial Burnup Distributions on the Reactivity of Spent Fuel

Implementation of Response Function Concept for Spent Fuel Cask Analyses

Thermal Finite Element Analyses of 26 Waste Package Spent Nuclear Fuel Loading Configurations

Repository Criticality Safety for the DOE Spent Nuclear Fuel Program

The Effect of Fuel Type in Unsaturated Spent Fuel Tests

Role of the Dual Purpose (Storage and Transport) Metal Cask In the Spanish Strategy for Temporary Storage of Spent Fuel

Interfaces Between Transport and Geologic Disposal Systems for High-Level Radioactive Wastes and Spent Nuclear Fuel—A New International Guidance Document

Performance Assessment of the INEL Spent Fuel and HLW in Two Hypothetical Repositories

System Analysis of Non-fuel Assemble Hardware and Spent Fuel Disassembly Hardware: Its Generation and Recommended Disposal





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