System Selection of Concepts for Direct Disposal of Spent Fuel

The Importance of the Site for the Safety of a Repository for Spent Nuclear Fuel in Sweden

A Spacer Grid Hysteretic Model for the Structural Analysis of Spent Fuel Assemblies Under Impact: SAND91-2528C, TTC-1114

Design Management and Stress Analysis of a Circular Rock Tunnel and Emplacement Holes for Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel

Lunar He-3 Mining: Improvements on the Design of the UW Mark II Lunar Miner
One of the minor consituents of the solar wind which has been implanted in the lunar regolith over its several billion year history, is helium 3 (He-3), a rare isotope of helium which...

Robotic On-Orbit Fueling of SEI Vehicles
Space Exploration Initiative (SEI) missions may involve the assembly and then fueling of vehicles in locations other than on the surface of the Earth. For example, fueling of the Mars...

Robotics in SEI Terrestrial Launch Site Operations
This paper addresses work performed at Rockwell International's Space Systems Division, Downey, California. Future Space Exploration Initiative (SEI) missions will require terrestrial...

Rocket Fuel to Earth Orbits from Near-Earth Asteroids and Comets
The analysis describes an architecture to bring 10,000 tons units of rocket fuel ore, propellant and construction mass back to low Earth orbit from newly discovered near-Earth comets or...

Lunar Surface Mine Feasibility Study
This paper describes a lunar surface mine, and demonstrates the economic feasibility of mining oxygen from the Moon. The mine will be at the Apollo 16 landing site. Mine design issues...

Considerations in Managing the Assessment of the Canadian Nuclear Fuel Waste Disposal Concept

Preclosure Assessment of the Canadian Nuclear Fuel Waste Disposal Concept

Labeling of the Spent Fuel Waste Package

Spent Fuel Characteristics Potentially Relevant to Repository Design Assessment

Routine Methods for Post-Transportation Accident Recovery of Spent Fuel Casks

Performance-Assessment Comparisons for a Repository Containing LWR Spent Fuel or Partitioned/Transmuted Nuclear Waste

Near-Field Radiation Doses from Transported Spent Nuclear Fuel

International Status of Dry Storage of Spent Fuels

The Role of ORIGEN-S in the Design of Burnup Credit Spent Fuel Casks

Occurrence of Metallic Phases in Spent Nuclear Fuel: Significance for Source Term Predictions for High-Level Waste Disposal

Improvement of Fuel Oil Contaminated Soils by Additives





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